Food in times of the Corona Virus

With the recent death toll and infections, I am concerned about the Corona Virus epidemic. I feel immense sadness at the loss of many lives around the world, including here in the US. I am worried about my family in California and the East Coast. It is a fact that germs have killed more people than wars. And frankly, neither is good for humanity.

I wish I could do something. I feel helpless. So, every night I pray. I pray that everyone in this world is healthy, and soon the epidemic will be dormant. In the meantime, I am resorting to food.

At present, there is no cure for the virus except self-care. Below is the list of foods that will help you build your immune system. It is a personal opinion, not medical. I have personally healed my daughter’s tooth decay by diet, not by surgery, as many dentists recommended. That’s how I started my Ph.D. worth of research on food, tooth decay, building the immune system, or any health issues that come up in our family.

Bone Broth or Miso Soup

Bone broth is rich in minerals and collagen that helps you boost the immune system and is friendly to all diets. My recommendation would be to source the bones from the local meat market or ask for pasture-fed bones. It’s effortless to make. I started a broth batch before I sat down to write. Today, I am using chicken carcass and feet I got from my local co-op. I threw in whole onions, dried goji berries, ginger, ginseng roots, whole black peppers, and bay leaf. I added extra collagen powder and hemp seeds. You can make any variations of broth. The only thing I don’t add to the broth is carrots. It seems to make the broth sweet, and my girls didn’t like it. I add fresh-cut vegetables later, including carrots. If you are vegan or vegetarian, use lots of root vegetables and add miso. Miso is fermented and adds flavor too.

Vitamin C: And lots of it.
Incorporate these fruits and vegetables to increase vitamin C; oranges, broccoli, cantaloupe, cauliflower, kale, kiwi, orange juice, papaya, red, green, or yellow pepper, sweet potato, strawberries, and tomatoes. If you don’t like these fruits, make a smoothie. I add Mayan Dark Chocolate powder, protein powder and make smoothies.

Smoothies, smoothies, smoothies.
Smoothies are my feel-good drink. It’s my sugar. The trick to tasting smoothies great is to add apple juice or orange juice. Now I can throw in kale, and my girls don’t even notice. While others are stockpiling on meat and other foods, I am stockpiling on mixed berries and frozen fruits/vegetables for my smoothies.

Fermented foods
Fermented foods are rich in probiotic bacteria which helps the gut flora. Fermented foods contain vitamins and minerals. They are fortified with B vitamins, B12, omega-3 fatty acids. Kimchi, Miso, Pickles, Sauerktraut, Yogurt, Kefir, Tempeh, Kombucha, and Sprouted beans make up the list.

Fermented foods

At home, I make Kimchi soup, Miso soup, cheese and veggie sandwich with pickles and sauerkraut, fried tempeh, mango lassi (yogurt), and drink lots of kombuchas. ( Have you tried gin and kombucha?)

I am originally from Nepal. Almost every Nepali dish contains turmeric. I get a chuckle when I see people buying turmeric capsules and pay ten times more than the cost of a pound of turmeric. Growing up, I remember my mom would always give us a turmeric ginger tea if we had a cold or any inflammation. I think maybe turmeric consumption contributes to a lack of high Crohn’s diseases in Nepal.

Turmeric Drinks are my favorite morning drink.

I make lentil soup, bean curries, rice pilaf, fried potatoes, mixed veggie stir fry, chicken curry, fish curry with turmeric as my main spice ingredient. Use it like salt. Too much will make the food bitter.

Finally, love generously. It’s the best food for the soul and your family. I wish you and all a safe passage through this tumultuous time. If you have any more food ideas, please let me know.

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  1. Susan R Hedin says:

    Awesome! Food and Love.


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