About Me

I’m a professional eater who loves to write.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote in Outlier that anybody who spends more than ten thousand hours on anything in many ways becomes an expert. I have proudly spent more than ten thousand hours eating around the world. Hole in the wall eatery to kitchens at celebrated chefs. Another ten thousand more on writing. So I have declared myself to be a professional eater and a writer.

It took me ten thousand hours to gain the confidence to share my writing. Here I am. Writing about my life and food experiences.

I have lived in many places making my journey an exciting one. My life travel starts from Nepal, and here I am in Minnesota after many stops in unexpected places.

Past few years, especially after the earthquake in Nepal and losing one of my closest friend of 42 years, I have been on a quest for simplicity, and community. So, I agreed to give up my fun life in Boston/New York City to move to Minnesota so our kids could be closer to grandparents and my sweet husband’s big family.

I live in a historic little town (city) in Stillwater. MN by the beautiful St. Croix River. It was an unexpected cultural change. Politically, socially, and gastronomically. It was the hardest place for me to settle down.

So I keep myself happy with good friends, good food, and good reads while I write and raise two awesome foodies.

Live long and eat well,